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Walnut Wardrobe


18th Century

Walnut Wood

This piece is an 18th-century Georgian Chest of Drawers, made from walnut, and stained in warm honey colour, with a classic and uncommon black metal inlay for the keyhole on each drawer, typically found in Dutch Bombe Burr chests. Most pieces from this period of Georgian antiquity come from 1714 to 1837 CE and range from the highly ornate, to the beautifully simple and elegant. The Georgian style became lighter throughout the one-hundred-and-twenty-three-year period, with regard to decoration, colours and design. Earlier Georgian style would lean towards burgundy’s, greens and grey’s, however, colours became muted over time. Later on, as the regency came to an end, we see more of the warm, but simply styled chests coming out of the period.

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