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Moroccan Doors

Marrakech, Morocco



These double doors made from cedarwood and carved with Moroccan-style patterns. It comes from a ‘Ryad’, a type of traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard. Belong to the cultural crossroads that is Morocco. Traditionally the doors from this region are made with cedar, wrought iron, and camel bone, all interwoven to create a tapestry of history within two beautiful panels. This particular set bares both Moorish and Jewish influence, made to sharply contrast the windows, which would generally be considered unremarkable. Keeping in the Moroccan tradition, doors have throughout history been made with intricate inlays, mixing with ornate colours. Most of the wooden doors are carved with a girih pattern of strapwork. The arches are surrounded with arabesques; to which either side would feature a band of Islamic calligraphy.

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