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Biedermeier Daybed




There is something romantic and antique about a daybed. Daybeds have been around since the Ancient Egyptians and are a furniture design that has been celebrated to this day. There was a particular fascination with daybeds that saw their revival in the 15th Century France. Daybeds offered the royals a place to lounge, to sleep, to rest. Even though the styles changed over time, they were a staple in well-outfitted homes and palaces in Europe. The antique Biedermeier daybed acted as a stamp of sophistication in German and Austrian middle-class homes in the 1800s. This specific straight-back style is characteristic of early Biedermeier when the forms were more geometric. It was not until later that the furniture romanticised curves lines and took on more natural shapes. For the bourgeoisie, it offered an elegant addition to their home.

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