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Turkish Centrepiece

Istanbul, Turkey


Turkish Silver

Made from Turkish silver, this monumental solid silver centrepiece tazza is elegantly inlaid with Persian traditional scrolling design originating from the city of Isfahan. The applied cast wavy borders showcase the silver silversmith’s talent as they carved into the bowl a depiction of the story of Moses. This relationship of silver and the empire has always been at the heart of the culture in what is now the Republic of Turkey, with many rulers of the Ottoman Empire patronising guild members and silversmiths called the Ehl-i Hiref. These silversmiths were renowned in their skills of making jewellery, box inlays, trays, and all manner of royal houseware. It was part of the Ottoman rule to find new lands that were abundant in silver and other precious metals to continue slating the love of the finer things the empire had grown accustomed to.

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