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Biedermeier Sofa




Furniture in the Biedermeier Period (1815-1845) was caught in a struggle between two prominent precursory styles. This classically simple style was a move away from the French opulent styles that dominated the Napoleonic Era in Central Europe. However, since the end of the war and the rise of the middle class, these pretentious styles had no place in the middle-class person’s home. Instead, Biedermeier furniture moved away from the rigid Empire style characterised by strong geometry and Greco-Roman motifs, to embrace a more natural approach to furniture making that was more serpentine. Even so, Biedermeier furniture is still extremely geometric in their appearance, such as this sofa. Its fine craftsmanship is reminiscent of the bygone days spent at soirees. It sports a classic, yet comfortable feel with its soft fabric upholstery, perfect for the home.

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