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Antique Mirror


Mid 19th Century


This piece comes from Luxembourg and was made around 1850. The ornate wood carving is reminiscent of the flat-leaf acanthus mouldings of Louis XIII, mixed with the Louis XIV style of a slightly more ostentatious nature. The mirror spans at 2 by 2.2 meters and can be typically found in these frames throughout western Europe, specifically in the French and Italian regions. This is the centrepiece of the lounge, so much so that the architect designed this space specifically for the mirror. As the wildly more ornate frames made their way around Europe, Louis XV would eventually tone it down for more stately shapes, and finally, Louis XVI would favour an even more subdued aesthetic, although it all came to an end with the French Revolution. Nevertheless, these frames had already made their impact and would continue to do so across the continent from the 19th century onward.

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